Lavender Oil For Headache And Migraine Relief

A migraine is a headache that can be extremely painful, usually on one side of the head. Extreme light and sound sensitivity, as well as nausea and vomiting, are frequent adverse effects. A migraine attack may last for several hours or even days, and the pain may be so excruciating that it is challenging to carry out daily activities.

Some people experience an aura, a foreboding symptom, before or concurrently with a headache. Visual disturbances like blind spots or light flashes can be part of an aura and other symptoms, including difficulty, speaking and tingling on one side of the face, arm, or leg. Some migraines can be prevented and made less painful with medication. The correct medications and self-help techniques, such as essential oil and lifestyle modifications, can be helpful.

What Causes Migraine?

It is difficult to pinpoint the exact source of migraine headaches. Specific nerves in your blood vessels communicate pain messages to your brain when you experience a headache. The nerves and blood vessels in your head are exposed to inflammatory chemicals. Here are a few causes:

1. Sensory Stimulus: Both loud sounds and bright flashing lights can cause migraines. Strong odors like perfume, paint thinner, smoke, and others bring on some people’s migraines.

2. Weather Shifts: A migraine may be brought on by a change in the weather or barometric pressure, strong wind and change in altitude.

3. Sleep Modifications: Some people may experience migraines due to sleep deprivation or excessive sleep. Disturbance in your sleep cycle triggers migraine.

Benefits Of Using Lavender Oil For Headache

While lavender oil cannot cure or treat headaches, it can help with some symptoms, including concern, tenseness, sleeplessness, hyperventilation, shakiness, and muscle strain. Here are a few benefits of lavender oil:

Physically Relaxing: The parasympathetic nervous system, which is the part of our neurological system responsible for relaxing, can be activated by lavender oil. As a result, it can help you to relax and lessen the bodily signs of worry and headache.

Boosts Sleep Quality: People who struggle with migraine frequently have problems falling asleep. Researchers discovered that using lavender oil in aromatherapy lowered headaches and enhanced sleep quality.

Lowers Stress Level: For mild to moderate stress, lavender oil may be helpful as a supplemental treatment. Additionally, it possesses anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties that raise general mental health and general quality of life.

How To Use Lavender Oil For Migraine Relief

The advantages of inhaling lavender oil relate to its potential psychological impacts because particular scents are linked to good feelings and mood. Here is how you can make a lavender oil inhaler that can help relieve migraine headaches:

Lavender Oil For Migraine

Ingredients List:


Step 1: Boil half a bowl of water on a gas stove and turn it off.

Step 2: Add a few drops of lavender oil to the bowl of heating water.

Step 3: Lean over the bowl and drape a towel over your head while keeping your eyes shut to prevent irritability.

Step 4: To breathe in the steam, inhale.

Step 5: Never perform this for longer than 15 to 20 minutes at a time.

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